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This document is intended to be a master text for all help pages on how to add active listings details to a Listing Enabled Design. This page will be excluded from search. When the page is created, only the text will be excerpted. The title will not be included in the excerpt.

Add Listing Details to Listing Enabled Designs

You can automatically add your listing’s information and photos that you uploaded to your MLS to a listing enabled marketing design. Start by finding your active listing using either the:

  • MLS listing number or
  • Street address of the listing 

Once you have selected your design, add your active listing by starting to type the listing’s MLS number or street address into the Choose a Listing field.

(info) Note: If you want to use this design for a listing that is not one of your active listings, just click Personalize. This will let you manually upload listing data and photos into your design.

Once you start typing, the field will auto-fill a list based on what you have typed.

To select a listing, click on the line item from the list.

(info) Note: To see your active listings you must have your MLS Agent ID or Office MLS ID entered in your account settings.

Once you have selected your listing, click the Personalize button and make it your own