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How do I create a hyperlink to a specific neighborhood in a Community Served?

First, navigate to your website. In the Find a Home area, enter the name of a neighborhood that you want included in your search results in the Area field. Select the neighborhood and then click Search.

From the search results page, click in the URL bar and highlight all of the text.

Now, click on the browser window that has your Market Leader system open. Navigate to the Communities Served home page. (Profile Admin Drop-down Menu/Website Admin/Communities Served)

Learn more about Communities Served

Click the Edit button for the community you want to add a link to.

In the editing window, enter the text that you’ll want your website visitors to click on. Then select the text so it is highlighted.

With the text still highlighted, click the Insert Link icon in the formatting toolbar.

In the Insert Link window that opens, paste the URL that you copied into the URL field by right clicking in the field and selecting Paste.

The Target field allows you to specify if, when clicked, the link will open in the same browser window or a new one. We recommend setting the Target to New Window so that your visitors will not lose their place on your website.

After you’ve entered your URL and set the Target, click OK.

The text will now be highlighted and underlined. While highlighted, you can choose to format the text using the formatting toolbar. Once you are finished customizing the text, click off the text so it is no longer highlighted.

Scroll down and click Save to save the changes to the Community Served text.

After you have saved your changes, navigate back to your website to view your changes and ensure your link looks and behaves the way you want it to.

Helpful Tips

There are many areas where you can add a hyperlink. If you’re not sure, just look for the link icon  in the formatting bar. If you see it, then you can add a hyperlink.

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