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The most successful real estate agents know that effective lead generation is crucial to their professional success. These same agents will also tell you that goal setting is vital. So, once you’ve decided just how much money you want to make in commission this year (or in the next calendar year,  fiscal year, etc.), you’ll probably be asking yourself How Many Leads Does a Real Estate Agent Need in order to close enough sales to meet your commission goal.

If only it were that simple! The exact number of leads you’ll need to meet your commission goal depends on many factors, including the economy, your specialty (like short sales, vacation properties, or foreclosures), the geographic region in which you work, and your overall skill as a real estate professional.

But, once you start paying attention to your lead generation strategies, you’ll be able to recognize a few trends. First, consider the difference in the effectiveness of different types of leads. What is meant by different types of leads? There are two types: direct and indirect.

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