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Import Contacts for Teams Agents

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Importing all of your contacts into one system allows you to effectively keep in touch with all your contacts, build relationships, and win more business. You can create a custom contact list for import or you can export contacts from other online programs to be imported into your Market Leader system. There are three parts to the import process.

Selecting The Correct File Type

Quick Tips:

  • Obtain the Basic Contact List Template by hovering over Contacts in your system and selecting Import/Export. From the Type of File drop-down menu, select Basic Contact List. Click on the link that appears below, called Download Basic Contact List Template.
  • Each contact in your import file must have at least a first namelast name, and either an email address or a complete physical address. All other columns are optional.
  • Ensure that the column headings on your spreadsheet exactly match the column headings on the Basic Contact List Template.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Excel:
    • If you're using Numbers: Click on "File > Export As > Windows CSV"
    • If you're using Excel for Mac: Click on "File > Save as > Specialty Formats > Windows CSV"
    • If you're using anything else: Get a Google Sheets account and use that for your import

Preparing The File for Import

Quick Tips:

  • The emails and addresses in your file should not be duplicates of any other contacts in your system. Contacts with duplicate information will not import into your account.
  • The first 5 rows must be accurate. This will be rows 2 through 6 on your spreadsheet. If there is any missing required information or duplicate addresses in these rows, the import process will not start.
  • You can import 5 - 5,000 contacts per import. Also, you can import multiple files per day.
  • The maximum number of contacts you can import into your system is a total of 15,000.
  • Organize your import file(s) by Status, Type, and Group before you import them into the system. Click here to learn how to manage Groups.
  • Save your file as a "CSV" file type. If you are using a Mac, select the "Windows Comma Separated" file type.

Completing the Import Process

Quick Tips:

  • Navigate to the Import Contacts page in your system by hovering over Contacts and selecting Import/Export from the drop-down menu.
  • The StatusType, and Group selections you make will be applied to all of the contacts in the file that you are importing.
  • It can take up to an hour for the system to process and import your file.
  • When the import is finished processing, you will see the status of the import update to "Complete" or "Done, with errors".
  • Click on the blue number in the Failed column to view any contacts that failed to import and why.

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