CENTURY 21 Business Builder®

Activity Alerts

What are Activity Alerts?

Activity Alerts are instant notification emails or text messages that will notify you the instant you receive a new lead or a contact sends you an email.  

Why should I use Activity Alerts?

You should make sure your Activity Alerts are set up to ensure no contact goes unanswered.  Set yourself up to receive a Text Message, Email or BOTH. 

How to set up Activity Alerts

To Add an Activity Alert, follow the below steps.

Select My Account under the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

Click Activity Alerts from the links on the left. Then click the Edit button.

Choose what type of Alert you’d like to receive (Text Message and/or Email Message).

Enter your cell phone number and specify your carrier to receive Text Message Alerts.

(info) Note: type as all one number with no dashes, spaces or periods.

Enter your Email Address to add an Email Message Alert.

Click Save to save your changes.

To Delete an Activity Alert, click on the X icon () next to the corresponding alert. You can have up to a total of three Alerts in any combination of Text or Email.  To add another alert, simply click the green Plus icon () and enter the appropriate information.

When will I receive an Activity Alert?

You can select the scenarios for which you would like to receive an alert: 

  • When a new lead gets inserted into your Market Leader account

  • When a contact updates their own contact information
  • When a contact sends you an email

  • When you receive an email in your system from an email address that is not associated with any of your contacts
  • When you receive a new Recommendation on your website

Edit these selections by checking or unchecking the boxes in the Alert Subscriptions section of the Activity Alerts page.