My Account Settings

Customizing Your Account Settings

Customizing your personal account settings is an important first step in making sure your website, emails, and materials all have your correct contact information. You’ll be able to customize your contact information, create default photos and logos for marketing materials, and even connect your personal listings to your account so they can be featured on your website, on Craigslist, and in your marketing materials.

You can find your Settings selecting My Account from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu. Then

Profile Information

Your profile consists of five sections:

  1. Profile Details
  2. Marketing
  3. Social Media Options
  4. Agent MLS ID
  5. Images

To edit your Profile information, click the Edit button at the top right of the page.

1. Profile Details

To start with, you’ll want to review your Profile Details. Your profile details will be displayed on almost everything your customer sees, including your website, emails and marketing materials.  So it’s very important you make sure all of your information in your profile is exactly the way you want it. 

All of the fields with an asterisk are required.

  • Name: Enter your full name as you want it to appear on your website, emails, marketing materials and campaign pieces.
  • Login: Your login name for logging into your eEdge account via your website admin login page.
  • Website: This is your eEdge website and cannot be edited.
  • eEdge Email: This is the email address that is used to communicate with your consumers. This cannot be edited.
  • External Email: An email address that can be used for password recovery or marketing. This needs to be a non-eEdge email, such as a Yahoo! or Gmail address.

Optional Fields:

  • Title: Your title as an agent, such as Broker or Listing Specialist.
  • Designations: Any real estate designations that you are qualified to use.
  • License/DRE: Your real estate license number.
  • Phone Number: Enter an office phone number and/or mobile number.

Please note: Your eEdge email address will not appear on your website. Instead, your consumers will see an Email link that, when clicked, will take the user to an email compose form. This is to help prevent you from receiving unwanted email messages.

Team Checkbox

If you are part of a team, then marking the Team checkbox will pluralize your outgoing system-generated emails that normally can’t be customized. Phrases like “my website” will become “our website”.  Any emails that can be customized will not be automatically pluralized.

System emails that are automatically pluralized include:

  • Initial Contact Wizard Email (ICW)
  • Listing Alerts
  • Property Blasts

2. Marketing

The information that you add or edit in Marketing will automatically be loaded onto any marketing pieces you create in your Marketing Center.

  • Marketing and Reply To Email: Here you can edit the default email your clients see when they 'reply' to emails sent from your system
  • Marketing Website: This field allows you to feature a different website than your Market Leader website on your marketing pieces. As a best practice, though, we recommend leaving this field blank to ensure your leads are staying active and engaged on your Market Leader website, so you can see their activity.
  • Call to Action: A phrase, like “Call me today!” that invites your customers to respond. Will be integrated into pieces like postcards and listing flyers.
  • Branded Disclaimer: Populates at the bottom of each marketing piece.
  • Unbranded Disclaimer: This section only populates on marketing-in-motion pieces.
  • Realtor and Equal Housing Logo: Click the appropriate check box to have the logos display on various marketing pieces.
  • My Mobile App: Update this field with your own personal app details and a special footer will be available at the bottom of any marketing emails that invites your clients to download and access your personal KW app. Click here to learn about how to display your own KW mobile app link on your marketing emails.

3. Social Media

The next section on your Account Settings page is Social Media. Adding links to your social media profiles lets your consumers connect with you on a more personal level. When you add a link for your social media profile, an icon will be placed on your website About page, as well as in marketing materials and campaign pieces. When clicked, your consumers will be taken to your social media profile page.

To add an icon to link to one of your Social Media profiles:

  1. Click the Add Social Media button.
  2. Select the social media type from the drop down menu.
  3. In the URL field paste the web address for your profile.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat until you've added all of your social media profile links.

4. Agent MLS ID

Adding your Agent MLS ID allows you to connect your personal listings to your account, making it easy to email your listings directly to your consumers. This will also enable your listings to be featured on the home page of your website; allow you to promote your listings on Craigslist and automatically populate your listing’s details into property specific marketing materials in your Marketing Center.

To add your Agent MLS ID:

  1. Click the Add Agent MLS ID button.
  2. Confirm the correct MLS is showing in the MLS field.
    1. If you belong to more than one MLS, you will want to select the drop down menu and choose the MLS that you are adding the Agent ID for.
  3. Enter your ID in the Agent MLS ID field.
    1. Your ID is the membership ID you use when posting your listings onto your MLS.
  4. Click Save.


This is where you’ll upload your professional headshot photo and logo to be used on your website, emails and marketing materials.

Image Type:

  • Website Image: This is a professional headshot photo of you that appears on your website, automated Welcome Email, Initial Contact Wizard Email, Listing Alert Email, and Property Blast Email.
  • Marketing Image: This is typically a professional photo of you that will appear on any materials you create in your Marketing Center as well as your Seller's Market Report email. You can choose to have the same image as your Website Image, or you may select a different photo.
  • Marketing Logo: Your office or agency logo that will appear on your marketing materials.

To add an image:

  1. Click the Edit button for that image.
  2. When you click Edit, you'll be able to review the requirements for the image you are uploading.
  3. Click Browse to find the image on your computer.
  4. Click Upload once an image has been selected.

Additional Resources

Yes, you can use your CRM email address or your external address. You can change this option in your Settings page.

Checking the team box under My Account will update all automatic email verbiage to change 'I' to 'we'.  This option is recommended when more than one agent will be sharing an account.

During the signup and provisioning process, account owners can choose to use their own domain name or create a new one when they complete their agreement. 

In order to use your existing domain on signup, please point the domain name to our servers:


There are two common reasons for the system to reject a custom domain: 

Name servers are not set correctly

 In order for us to host your Market Leader website with your domain, your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings will have to be changed in order for your website to display, and for your Market Leader system email to function properly. The name server settings can be changed by logging into your domain registrar. A domain registrar is the organization or company where you purchased and registered your domain. You will need to log in to your registrar and go to Manage DNS/Name Servers, and replace the existing name servers with Market Leader's name servers (included below). Please note, by changing these name servers, we are not taking ownership of your domain, we are simply hosting it for you. Name server changes can take up to 24 hours to fully process, so it is normal for your website to be intermittently unavailable within that time period.

Market Leader Name Servers (DNS):


The domain name you are entering has restricted words or characters

  • The following words or phrases cannot be included in your domain: MLS, Realtor, Sun City, HouseValues, JustListed.
  • The only acceptable punctuation is a dash (hyphen)
  • Make sure your domain does not exceed 35 characters, including the domain extension (Valid Domain Extensions: '.com','.net','.org','.us',.'info','.ca','.co')
  • When searching for a domain to select for your Market Leader website, it is best to use a ‘.com’ or a ‘.net’ domain.  While other extensions are acceptable, search engines place the most value in these domains. The only extension we cannot use is ‘.biz’

Although the username can be as short as one character, we'd recommend selecting something longer for security reasons.

Your password must be a minimum of 7 characters.

 There are a variety of reasons why your username and password combination may not work on your website. First, you should make sure that you are logging into the admin login on your website and not the contact login.  Also, make sure you do not have spaces either in front or behind your user name or password. This can occur when cutting and pasting them in. Once you have verified the above, the most expedient way to resolve login issues is to reset your password.  If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Market Leader Support for individual assistance.