Picture this: You’re looking over a list of new leads that you’ve acquired this week. As you scan the list and review the details, you probably think to yourself, “What do I say when I call these new leads?” That’s a tricky question, and perhaps not the right question at all.

Instead of wondering what you should say when you call a new lead, read Four Steps to Make Real Estate Leads Call You Back to make the lead pick up the phone and call you! In a time when most leads are comfortable searching online, using email, and connecting via social media, real estate professionals should be careful with their approach and resist picking up the phone right away.

Instead, spend time and effort, as well as employ the technology available at your  fingertips, to demonstrate your value to a lead online, so that once that lead is ready to become more active, he or she will take the next step of picking up the phone and calling you. Consider these four steps for making this seamless lead generation and conversion happen.

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