This is Tracey's follow-up process from the webinar, "Agent Spotlight: Building a Million Dollar Pipeline with Tracey Todd," as well as his go-to scripts and subject lines, which are designed to generate a response and keep him top of mind.

Day 1

  • New lead comes in
  • Send introductory email

Seller Introductory Email

Subject: [First Name]?
Hi there, I just received your request (via [SOURCE]) about the home in {{Contact City}}. 
How can I help?  My name is _____ and I'm a realtor with _____. 
I’ll be in touch shortly to provide the information you requested and answer any questions. 
P.S. I’m going to send you an email with a login and password to my website, so you can browse up-to-date MLS listings, hassle free. Thank you!!

Day 3

  • Check their engagement
  • Send a quick CMA

You can send a quick CMA from your Pro system, and include active comps, as well as similar listings that have sold. Learn how

Day 6

  • Check their engagement
  • Setup a listing alert
  • Send them an email explaining why

You can setup a listing alert for active comps, or you can choose pending & under contract properties to give your seller an idea of the activity in the market. Learn more about listing alerts

Listing Alert Email

Subject: Hi [First Name]
I’ve set you up to receive listings in your area that are pending or have gone under contract. This will give you an idea of the activity of your market, and comparable home prices. 
You should receive these property updates twice a week; if that’s too much, or if you want to receive them more frequently, just let me know.
P.S. What did you think of the market value for your home? – A little high, too low?

Day 7

  • Check their engagement
  • Add to "First Campaign" OR
  • Add to Seller group

When you add a contact to a group, they will automatically be added to any campaigns associated with that group. So if you add them to a Buyer group, just make sure that group is associated with the campaign. Learn more about groups & campaigns

After 6 Weeks

  • Check their engagement
  • Move contact to ‘Retry’ status
  • Add to “Re-Engage Campaign”

After Another 6 Weeks

  • Check their engagement
  • Move contact to ‘Cold’ status
  • Add to “Annual Leads Campaign" which includes the "Life Alert Email"

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