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One of the key features of your Market Leader system is the ability to integrate with your MLS or IDX feed.  Once you have activated an MLS for your website, you can Send MLS Listings to Contacts, Search the MLS, set up Listing Alerts for your contacts, market your personal or office listings and more.  The video below demonstrates how to use the MLS Integration feature of your Market Leader system.

Integrating with an MLS

In order to get the most benefit out of your MLS integration, you will need to review each feature and make sure that you update all appropriate settings.

Connect with your MLS

Depending on your market, you may be able to instantly activate an MLS or you may need to submit an application.

Pull your listings

Once you have an active MLS, you can add an Office MLS ID or add an Agent MLS ID to pull featured listings into your account.  The Manage Listings feature allows you to manage and review listing promotion activities.

Set up Listing Alerts

With an active MLS or IDX, you can have your Market Leader system automatically send relevant new and updated listings to your contacts with the listing alerts feature.  You can customize the search criteria for each listing alert and schedule the emails to be delivered daily, bi-weekly, or weekly.

Search the MLS

An integrated MLS feed enables the search capabilities of your Market Leader system.  Consumers can search for listings on your website or you can use the Search MLS feature in the Admin console.  You can customize the listing search fields and listing search areas that are available to consumers on your website.

Post to Craigslist

The Craigslist Posting Tool helps you create and track Craigslist ads for your listings.

Send Listings

Your Market Leader system offers a variety of ways to send listings to your contacts.  You can send recommended listings with the Send MLS Listings to Contacts feature.  If you want to highlight a specific listing, you should Email a Listing (otherwise known as a Property Blast) to a targeted list of your contacts.