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A listing alert is anautomatic email notifying a contact of new listings that match search criteria that the contact provides. One can configure an alert to be sent daily, bi-weekly, or weekly. The xContact Listings view provides a button to add a new listing alert for a contact. Listing alerts are designed to keep your contacts coming back to your website frequently. Market Leader has found that the more contacts you have who receive listing alerts, the more returning visitors you have to your website. The more returning visitors you have, the more likely you are to get a phone call when a contact finds his or her ideal home.

The system features encourage a contact to sign up for listing alerts, but Market Leader highly recommends that you review contact summaries to ensure they opt into listing alerts and that the alerts are reasonable for the area.

(warning) Unless you have explicit contact permission, do not set up alerts for a contact. The system might send emails as frequently as every day, and if the email is not requested, you might be seen as a spammer and lose the opportunity to work with the contact.

The following procedures assume you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface with the Listings view open.

To Add New Listing Alert

  1. On the Listings tab, click the Add New Listing Alert button.
  2. On the Add New Listing Alert form, choose the appropriate criteria.

    At least one Area is required.
  3. Click Add Alert.

To Delete an Alert

  1. If necessary, scroll to view the Current Listings Alerts pane.
  2. In the Current Listings Alerts pane, click the Delete icon (  ) for a given alert.

To Edit a listing alert

  1. If necessary, scroll to view the Current Listings Alerts pane.
  2. In the Current Listings Alerts pane, click the Edit icon (  ) for a given alert.

(warning) Due to volume, the system only records the previous 60 days of listing alerts sent to a contact.


Your newly registered contacts have a few ways to set up their own Listing Alerts.  This section will detail the ways your system promotes the use of Listing Alerts by your contacts.

Registration Page

When a new visitor arrives on your webpage, they're prompted to start a search for homes.  To start a search, your contact must include a few basic search options such as: Area, Property Type, Price, Beds, and Baths.  At this point, they're provided with Listings that match their search criteria.  As soon as a contact has received an example of how powerful your website is, they're asked to register by entering their information.  This part becomes critical, as it'll serve as the initial criteria used by their first Listing Alert. 

How this process works:

  1. The first example highlights a basic search that a typical visitor may perform around the City of Seattle.  Note the highlighted sections around the Area, Property Type, Price, Beds, and Baths.  After clicking search, they're shown matching Listings.

  2. The next example shows a portion of the registration page.  You will see a box with the option to receive new listings by email.  If this box is checked, your newly registered contact will start to receive Listing Alerts using the criteria shown, above.

How do I know If my new Contact is Subscribed to Listing Alerts

By this time, you should've received an alert informing you that a new contact has registered!  Please see How To - Set up alert notifications as a Lender to learn more about Text Alerts.  When time permits, we recommend you not only attempt to establish any sort of communication with your newly registered contact - but to also check to see if they've set up a Listing Alert. 

  1. Once logged in, search your New Contacts page (located on your Dashboard) for your new contact.  If a Listing Alert has been created, you will see a house icon appear directly below your contact's name:

    a.  If your newly registered contact has a house icon next to his/her name, please proceed to Step 2
    b.  If your newly registered contact DOES NOT have a house icon next to his/her name, please skip to 'Listing Alert Email Campaign' further below

  2. After you've confirmed your contact is setup to receive Listing Alerts, you'll want to double check their Listing Alert criteria.  Occasionally, you'll find your new contacts may have gaps in their Listing Alerts, which can cause the system to send inaccurate Listings.  Click your newly registered contact, and then click the Listings - Alerts Tab.

For more information on editing a Listing Alert, please see How To - Edit a listing alert

Listing Alert Email Campaign

On occasion, you may find a newly registered contact has not subscribed to Listing Alerts.  Don't worry, as your system will automatically identify all contacts who have not subscribed to Listing Alerts, and it will schedule a series of emails serving as reminders of not only why they should subscribe to a Listing Alert, but how important they are when searching for a new home.

How does the Listing Alert Campaign Work?

The Listing Alert Campaign is a series of three emails that encourages a contact to sign up for Listing Alerts.*

* This rule only applies to contacts who have not unsubscribed, or have been manually entered with the option of 'Include this contact in the Listing Alert Campaign' checked.

When do the Emails go Out?

The Listing Alert Campaign will send its first reminder 2 weeks after the contact has been entered/registered.  The second reminder will follow after 1 month, with the last reminder to be sent after 3 months.

Where to find the Listing Alert Email Campaign

The Listing Alert Campaign is located in Admin > Email > Listing Alert Campaign.

How your Contact Creates Their own Listing Alerts

The Listing Alert Email Campaign has done the trick, and now your contact has determined they're missing out!  But.. How does this process work, you ask?

  1. Contact receives 2 Week/1 Month/3 Month Listing Alert Email, and clicks 'Sign up today'.

  2. Contact is now directed back to your website to set up their first Listing Alert.

  3. Contact sets up their first Listing Alert.

    Once a Listing Alert has been created, your contacts may edit their Listing Alerts at any time they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the Listing Alert Email Campaign

Yes!  We've created the Listing Alert Campaign to be very convincing and precise, but you're welcome to make any changes you desire.

How do I edit the Listing Alert Email Campaign

If changes are needed, you'll need to go to Admin > Email > Listing Alert Campaign.  From here, you'll see all three pre-written messages.  Simply place your cursor next to the section you wish to edit, and then click Save Changes.

Over time, you may wish to revert the text back to its original content.  If needed, click Revert to default text, and our pre-written message will reappear!

 Can my contacts set up their own listing alerts?

Your newly registered contacts have a few ways to set up their own Listing Alerts.  This section will detail the ways your system promotes the use of Listing Alerts by your contacts.

 Why has my contact not received listing alerts?

There are several reasons why listings may not have gone out:

  • No Active listings match the search criteria provided
  • Contact has unsubsubscribed from listing alerts
  • Contact deleted or modified their listing alert and no listings match their new search
  • Contact has an undeliverable email address
  • Listings went out but wound up in Contact's bulk/spam folder

Some things you will want to check:

  • Try broadening or editing the search criteria by going to Listings Page->Current Listing Alerts.
  • Be sure the contact is subscribed to alerts. Go to the Contact Summary Page->Primary Details->Email Subscriptions->Subscribed to Alerts. It should show as yes.
  • If a contact has an undeliverable email address you will see an envelope with a red 'x' next to the email address. Reach out to the contact if they supplied a phone number for a valid email address.
  • Sometimes listing alerts wind up as SPAM. Please have the contact add your Market Leader email address as a contact in their email platform or simply reply to one of your alerts. That generally forces the ISP to deliver the listing alerts to his/her inbox. 

If you have checked the above, and everything checks out and listing alerts are still not being delivered, please Contact Market Leader Support.

 Why did the system return 0 results when I searched for a location I know exists?

There could be several reasons why we are displaying 0 results for your zip/city or area:

  • Misspellings
  • No Active Listings
  • Too narrow of search criteria parameters
  • Issue with the feed we receive from your MLS
  • Recent Changes to the way your MLS maps areas

First please make sure that you are spelling the name correctly or placing the correct zip code when searching and that your MLS is displaying Active listings for the same zip/city or area.

You can also try broadening your search criteria. For instance, if you are looking in a certain price range or for a certain property feature, please make sure to expand the price range or remove the property feature. If you still don't get any results, and you made certain that MLS is displaying Active listings with the exact same search criteria, please Contact Market Leader Support.

Please include the following in your email or ticket:

  • Zip/city or area
  • All search criteria used
  • Link to the listings within your MLS
 Why are the areas and neighborhoods on my Market Leader site different from my MLS?

Market Leader strives to make our location searching as consumer friendly as possible and we are constantly updating our database based on outside sources as well feedback from our customers.  There are several possible reasons why the areas and neighborhoods on your Market Leader site do not exactly match what you search in your MLS.  The most likely causes are:

  • In order to ensure seamless searching across multiple MLS', Market Leader relies on city, county, and zip/postal code data matched against USPS and other sources.  Often MLS' use proprietary area names or local names that are not shared by nearby MLS' or cannot be verified.
  • A new city/zip/area has been created and we have not yet added it to our system.
  • Competing MLS' may label areas differently.

In order to receive an answer about your specific concern, please contact Market Leader Support.  Our support staff will need the following information in order to research:

  • Name of your MLS
  • Name of the areas and neighborhoods along with their specific zip codes



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