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The Settings tool enables you to maintain profile and marketing settings used by Market Leader in various parts of the system. The initial Settings view is read-only. When you click Edit, the view changes to a form in which you can edit certain values. Editable values vary depending on your version of Market Leader. The tool divides the user interface into the following sections.

  • Profile Details
  • Marketing
  • Additional Information
  • Social Media
  • Agent MLS ID
  • Images

The following procedures assume you are already logged into the market leader Admin interface.

Access Settings

  1. In the navigation list, click Admin.
  2. Click My Account.
    The My Account tool opens on Settings by default. 

Maintain Profile, Marketing, and Additional Information

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Make changes to any of the fields.
  3. Click Save or Cancel to save or discard changes, respectively.

Read-only Information Fields

The read-write form might include additional read-only fields that are for information purposes such as In RotationAccount Access, and Meet Page. To edit these fields, visit an Agent Profile.


Social Media

The Social Media panel includes fields to configure links to social networks. Marketing Emails use these links in a standard footer. The system renders the link as a logo for the network type you select. A social networking link requires two settings: network type and URL.


If you do not select a network type corresponding to a URL, when a customer views a marketing email, the link is not visible.


To select network type

  1. In the Settings view, click Add Social Media.
    The Add Social Media form displays.
  2. In the form, paste a social network URL into a URL field.
  3. In the drop-down control associated with the URL, select a network type.
  4. Click Save.


The Settings tool supports uploading images for use on a Consumer Website, in Marketing Materials, and for a bulk mailing permit. To upload an image, use the following procedure. Before starting the procedure, verify that the image meets the following guidelines.

Image TypeGuideline
Website Image

File format: jpg

Maximum size: 8MB

Aspect ratio: 100 : 130 (W : H)

Marketing Image

File format: jpg or png

Maximum width: 2800 pixels

Marketing Logo

File format: jpg or png 

Maximum width: 2800 pixels

Bulk Mail Permit

File format: jpg or png


Maximum width: 2800 pixels

(info) The system appropriately scales images to the size required by a given context. In general, scaling down does not sacrifice image quality, whereas scaling up might degrade image quality.

  1. In Images, click Edit corresponding to the image you want to upload.
    The view changes to a form that you can edit.
  2. Click Browse.
    The tool opens a standard Open File dialog.
  3. In the dialog, navigate to the image you want to upload.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. The tool closes the form and displays the newly uploaded image.

 Can I use a different email address for marketing materials?

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported.

 What does the team option under My Account do?

Checking the team box under My Account will update all automatic email verbiage to change 'I' to 'we'.  This option is recommended when more than one agent will be sharing an account.

 Can I use my own domain for my Market Leader account?

During the signup and provisioning process, account owners can choose to use their own domain name or create a new one when they complete their agreement. 

In order to use your existing domain on signup, please point the domain name to our servers:


If you are already a Market Leader customer and you need to change your current domain name, please see our article on How To - Change my domain name.

 Why did the system reject the custom domain I entered?

There are two common reasons for the system to reject a custom domain: 

Name servers are not set correctly

 In order for us to host your Market Leader website with your domain, your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings will have to be changed in order for your website to display, and for your Market Leader system email to function properly. The name server settings can be changed by logging into your domain registrar. A domain registrar is the organization or company where you purchased and registered your domain. You will need to log in to your registrar and go to Manage DNS/Name Servers, and replace the existing name servers with Market Leader's name servers (included below). Please note, by changing these name servers, we are not taking ownership of your domain, we are simply hosting it for you. Name server changes can take up to 24 hours to fully process, so it is normal for your website to be intermittently unavailable within that time period.

Market Leader Name Servers (DNS):


The domain name you are entering has restricted words or characters

  • The following words or phrases cannot be included in your domain: MLS, Realtor, Sun City, HouseValues, JustListed.
  • The only acceptable punctuation is a dash (hyphen)
  • Make sure your domain does not exceed 35 characters, including the domain extension (Valid Domain Extensions: '.com','.net','.org','.us',.'info','.ca','.co')
  • When searching for a domain to select for your Market Leader website, it is best to use a ‘.com’ or a ‘.net’ domain.  While other extensions are acceptable, search engines place the most value in these domains. The only extension we cannot use is ‘.biz’
 How long should a username and password be?

 Although the username can be as short as one character, we'd recommend selecting something longer for security reasons.

Your password must be a minimum of 7 characters.

 Why is my password not working?

 There are a variety of reasons why your username and password combination may not work on your website. First, you should make sure that you are logging into the admin login on your website and not the contact login.  Also, make sure you do not have spaces either in front or behind your user name or password. This can occur when cutting and pasting them in. Once you have verified the above, the most expedient way to resolve login issues is to reset your password.  If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Market Leader Support for individual assistance.

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