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Custom Status Type - Agent

Market Leader does not support integration of custom status types with the built-in status types. If you would rather use a custom status type, you can use a workaround.

Custom Status Workaround

The concept of this workaround is to use a consistent set of terms in Contact Summary Comments, such that you can search for them, and the search returns all contacts whose comments contain a given term. In preparation for using this workaround, define a set of custom status terms (e.g. Serious, Just Looking, etc.) and document them (e.g. note-to-self) for future reference. To make the workaround as robust as possible, use the terms consistently. A copy and paste would be ideal. With this workaround the contact categories are unlimited.

(warning) The Performance Evaluator page uses built-in status types. If you use status types differently, the data in the Performance Evaluator view might not be useful to you.

Market Leader recommends that you use the built-in Status types. For definitions of the built-in types, see Built-in Status Type - Agent.

The following procedures describe steps for using the workaround and assume that you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface and have navigated to a Contact Summary view.

To Use Custom Status Type

  1. In the Contact Summary, click the Comments bar.
  2. In the New Comment field, enter a custom status term as previously defined.
  3. Click the Save button.

To Find Contacts of a Custom Status Type

  1. In the Contacts view, click Advanced next to the Find Contact button.

    The view displays a form for entering multiple search criteria to find a contact.

  2. In the Comments/History field, enter a custom status term.
  3. Click Find Contact.

    The system returns a list of contacts whose comments contain the customer status term. When using the Advanced Find Contact, the system searches All status types.

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