Version: 13

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Summary Emails

The Summary view includes an Emails panel for viewing messages exchanged between you and a contact. The following graphic shows the Emails panel with its Emails From Contact and Emails Sent to Contact panes. The system maintains copies of all email correspondence, with one exception. That exception is automatically generated Listing Alerts, where due to high volume, the system only maintains the previous 60 days of listing alerts sent to a contact.

Email sent to a contact or received from a contact, using the Market Leader system, is automatically stored in Summary Emails. These emails cannot be deleted.

(warning) Email received from or sent to a contact might not be displayed in the Emails panel for the following reasons.

  • The message was sent from an email address other than one associated with the contact. In this case the system does not recognize that the message is from a contact and routes it to Webmail. You can edit a contact email address or add a secondary email address, so in the future the system can associate it with a contact. Contacts can have up to three email addresses associated with an account.
  • The message was sent to a contact from an email address not associated with the Market Leader system.