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Best Practices

In this section we give you some pointers to help you get started and succeed in the market place.

The system provides dozens of features, but the most value comes from a handful of simple tasks. You may find that managing your contacts is not about how much work you put in, but how quickly you attend to these few important tasks. After you learn how to move around the site and use the basic tools, you will not need to spend a lot of time on your computer. However, you will need to log in several times a day to make sure that you keep up with new contacts.

To log in to your Market Leader CRM account

  1. Once we create your account
  2. Go to your website (for example,
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Admin Login
  4. Enter your credentials
  5. Click login

(warning) You can also log in from an internet ready cell phone. See details at Accessing Market Leader on Your Cell Phone

Contact Your New Contacts as soon as possible

It is critical that you respond to your new contacts quickly. Year after year, studies show the faster you respond to a contact the more likely they will turn into a client.

Contacts with phone numbers

Make a phone call as soon as possible. The best way to contact a new contact is by phone, it is the fastest and most direct means to let the contact know you are here and ready to assist them. The calls should be friendly, without a sales message. Let them know that you are available to help them with the website and to provide additional information about the listings they see. Use the Initial Contact Wizard for specific steps to make the appropriate phone call.

(warning) Customers who do not want to personally make phone calls can subscribe to First Call. First Call is a service our call center provides where they will call your new contact on your behalf. The call center will ask the contact questions and pass on their notes as comments in the contact's summary section.

(warning) Unless you are using the Growth Leader package you will have to have to talk to your broker or team leader to use First Call.

Contacts without phone numbers

Send an email message as soon as possible. Use the Initial Contact Wizard to build the appropriate email for contacting a new contact.

Stay Connected to Your Contacts

One of the biggest mistakes agents make is taking too long to respond to incoming email messages.

An agent who checks the system every couple of days will take a couple of days or more to respond to messages from potential customers. People who make the effort to contact you are very good contacts, so it is essential to respond to them promptly.

Contacts often become active after they sign up to view listings, see a home they were interested in, and contact you about it. If they do not get a quick response, they may seek answers elsewhere or lose interest altogether. If you take a day or two to respond to messages, you jeopardize your chances of turning your contacts into real customers. The sooner you respond to your contacts' needs, the more likely they are to turn to you for assistance in the future.

Ways to stay connected

Put your cell phone number on the website so that customers can easily contact you.
Set up Alerts so that you will immediately receive a notification on your cell phone or at an external email address when you get new activity from your contacts or a new contact.

Check your email regularly by logging into the system a few times a day. The New Messages list on the dashboard shows all new email messages from contacts.

After you answer an email message, click the File icon () to mark in the system that you are processing your incoming email. When you file a message, it will be removed from your New Messages list. You will still be able to access the email from the contact details page. Filing old messages helps reduce the clutter so you can focus on new messages.

Use Contact Status to Get Organized and Focus on the Best Contacts

The system offers a variety of contact status options to allow you to categorize your contacts so you can identify and focus on your most active contacts. Below are some suggested steps on how to use & update contact status.

Figure 1 Link to open the Recent Activity page

Organize your contacts by doing the following:

  1. Make sure to communicate with new contacts quickly. After you contact a new contact, change the status to Retry or Active.
  2. Make sure that all contacts marked Active are responding to your messages or calls, are visiting the site, or are viewing listings. If they are not, then change the status to Retry or Inactive.
  3. Review the Recent Activity page (Fig. 1) to see all contacts who have returned to your website in the last 48 hours. Change the status for each contact in this list to either Active or Retry. Mark as Active any contacts you've communicated with directly who appear to be viable contacts. Set the status of everyone who does not respond to you within two weeks as Retry.
  4. Periodically review your contacts with the status of Retry to see all contacts who have not responded to you recently. Review when each contact last visited your site. Attempt to reach out via phone or email to those who have visited your site in the last two weeks. Try to engage them about any listings they may have viewed or saved. If contacts are not on listing alerts, ask if they want to be. If any contact has not visited your site for two weeks, set the status for that contact as Inactive.

Advertise Your Website

If you have business cards, stationery, print advertising, or are doing your own Internet advertising, include the web address to receive as much traffic from contactive buyers and sellers (Contacts) as possible.

To see your personal web address (URL) and customize your site

  1. In the Admin section, under the Website tab
  2. Click the View your Website link

(info) See also Recent Activities Page, Lender Contacts Page, Contact Details Section