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Removing an Agent

To remove an agent

  1. In the Agent column, under the name of the agent, click Delete.
  2. A confirmation box will come up where you choose one of the following options.
    • Click the Agent option.
      1. Enter the name of the agent to receive all of the deleted agent's contacts.
    • Click the Round Robin option to distribute the deleted agent's contacts among all of the active agents in your office.
  3. Click the Yes button to finish.

Transferred Contacts

  • If a single agent is chosen and they have signed up for alerts an alert will be sent notifying them of newly transferred leads.
  • If the Round Robin option is chosen NO ALERTS WILL BE SENT.
  • The transfer will be recorded in the Contact's History so it can be searched for later.
  • All transferred contacts will retain their original status.

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