Version: 4

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Summary Market Insider

The Contact Summary view includes a Market Insider section. The Market Insider section captures information about a contact use of the Market Insider tools on your consumer website. This section includes the following information.

  • Last Market Insider ZIP code search by a contact
  • List of all ZIP codes searched by a contact
  • Total number of visits to a Market Insider page by a contact
  • Dates of first and last visits to a Market Insider page by a contact
  • Market Insider email preference for a contact

(lightbulb) You can click the Zip Code to open a Market Insider report for that ZIP code before calling a contact. The report opens in a new browser tab or window.

Market Insider Emails

The system sends monthly Market Insider emails to a contact under the following conditions.

  • A contact is not unsubscribed from listing alerts.
  • A contact has searched at least one ZIP code for a Market Insider report.

The system sends the first email two weeks after a contact registered on the site. Monthly Market Insider emails commence from the two week anniversary.

The email contains a link that enables a contact to return to the site and be logged in automatically. The following graphic shows an example of a Market Insider email.

(warning) The actual email sent by the system might be different from the one shown in the previous graphic.