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Add and Remove enable you to compose a presentation by adding and removing slides. When you add a slide to a presentation, the editor adds the slide to the end of the presentation. When you remove a slide from a presentation, the editor removes the last slide. Slide additions and removals occur sequentially from the end of the presentation. It is a good idea to preplan the sequence in which you want slides to appear before adding images and text.



When you click the music button you can select specific music for a presentation. The frame at the right of the screen brings up a sound file tree from which to select sound choices. Sounds are filed within categories based on music themes. Once you select the music of your choice, a pop-up window asks if you want to set the sound. When you click Yes, you can preview the presentation with the sound. You cannot preview the presentation with the sound unless you set the sound. You may change and re-set the sound as many times as you want before you finally save a piece.