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What is a

The Welcome Email


A Welcome Email is an email sent to new contacts that provides them with a link to your website, their login credentials to your website, and a customizable an introduction to you.  Sending a customized Welcome Email is an easy way to have immediate, consistent and professional communication with new leads. 

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How do I customize the Welcome Email?

Your Market Leader system has two customizable Welcome Email templates.  Both templates have default, customizable text and are designed to automatically include your client’s specific login credentials and website access when you send the Welcome Email.

  1. Registered on Website Welcome Email.  When a contact registers on your Market Leader website they will instantly and automatically receive this Welcome Email from you.
  2. Manually Entered Welcome Email.  When you manually enter a contact into your Market Leader system you must also manually send them a Welcome Email. When you do, this is the Welcome Email they will receive.

Follow the below steps to customize both Welcome Email templates:

  • From the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu, select Email Settings.
  •  There are two types of Welcome Emails in your system:

    • A version for contacts that register on your website: When a contact registers on your Market Leader website they will instantly and automatically receive this Welcome Email from you.
    • A version for contacts you manually add to your system: When you manually enter a contact into your Market Leader system, you can check a box that will automatically send this version of the Welcome Email.

    Who Gets a Welcome Email?

    The welcome email is the ONLY way for consumers to receive their login and password to your website, so it's important to understand how/when this is automatically sent, versus manually sent. If a consumer does not have their login info, they won't be able to search on your website.

    Contact SourceHow is the Welcome Email Sent?
    Registered on WebsiteWelcome Email is sent automatically when a contact registers on your website.
    Manually EnteredYou can choose to have their welcome email send automatically when saving your new contact.
    HouseValuesThese leads DO NOT get a welcome email, you must send it manually.
    3rd Party (e.g. Zillow, Realtor)These leads DO NOT get a welcome email, you must send it manually.

    (info) For contacts that do not get a welcome email, we recommend sending them a quick note first, inviting them to your website, and letting them know they'll be receiving a Welcome Email with their login and password. Then send their Welcome Email.

    Customizing the Welcome Email

    Both versions of the Welcome Email are customizable. In addition to your custom content, the Welcome Email will automatically include your contact's unique website login credentials. To customize your Welcome Email, select Email Settings from your Account menu.

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    Click on Templates in the navigation pane on the left.

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    Here, you'll see the two Welcome Email versions you can customize.

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    To customize the content, add/edit the text in the space provided. Use the editing toolbar to add links or change the font size or color. When you're finished customizing the content, click Save.

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    (warning) Since your profile image is automatically included in your Welcome Email, you do not need to add a photo to this template.

    You can select Preview Email to view your Welcome Email

    as a contact would view it.

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    (info) When the Welcome Email is sent, their password will automatically be filled in. 

    NOTEYour profile image is automatically included in your Welcome Email. (This is pulled from website image in your profile settings)

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  • Click Save to apply the changes you just made.
  • How do I

    Manually Send


    the Welcome Email


  • Click on the contacts name.  This will take you to their Summary Page.

  • Click More Actions and then

    Since some contacts will not automatically receive a Welcome Email, you may have to manually send it. From a contact record, expand the More Actions menu, and select Resend Welcome Email.

      This will send the “Manually Entered” Welcome Email to your contact.
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    Below is an example of what the emailed version of your Welcome Email will look like.  The goal of the Welcome Email is to ensure each new contact has the link to your Market Leader website and has their login credentials (password).  This information is automatically included in their Welcome Email.

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    Helpful Tips:

    After you save your changes to the Welcome Email templates, we

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    (info) When manually sending the Welcome Email, it will send the Manually Entered version, so be sure that content makes sense for contacts that come from 3rd party sources such as Zillow or

    Helpful Tips:

    • We recommend you visit your consumer facing website, register as a test lead and view the Welcome Email to ensure it looks the way you intended.
    • Do not copy and paste text from Microsoft Word to into your Welcome Email templates.  Microsoft Word does not adhere to common HTML standards, so copying and pasting formatted text from Word into a Welcome Email template , as doing so can cause unexpected results.
    • Your contacts login and password are unique to them, so you won't be able to see their credentials, so sending the Welcome Email is the only way to provide it to them.

    Additional Resources: 

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    Learn what a Welcome Email is and how to customize the messageand send the Welcome Email to contacts in your system.

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