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Set Listing Search Filters

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When your clients visit your website to search for homes, they use Listing Search Filters to narrow down their search. Within your Market Leader system, you can customize which search filters are available to them.

To see what fields are already selected, select Website from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu. Then click on Options under the Listing Search section.

Here you can select the criteria consumers can search by on your website, such as property type, listing type, or property features. Review these settings and make sure the search options you select represent all aspects of your area, market, and business.

 Since data varies by MLS, not every search field will apply to your market. Also, each MLS may treat listing data differently. For example, some MLS’ may treat rental properties as a property type, while others may consider rentals a listing type.

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Customize the search fields on your real estate website to help consumers and contacts narrow their home search.