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Market Leader Mobile App Activation


Market Leader's app allows you to manage your day to day communication with clients from your TRUE office. The one you carry in your pocket every day - that's right - Your Phone.

To get started download the app for iOS or Android from the the app store by searching for Market Leader.

To secure the connection between the app and your Market Leader system you'll need your website email address and a "PIN" available from your desktop systemin the My Account area of your system Admin.

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To find the right email go to the Admin / under My Account area and , identify the email labeled "CRM email". This is the email address you will use to activate the app.

Since we are here...

Let's go ahead and create that Mobile PIN so the app will talk to your Market Leader system without you needing to log in all the time.

When you click on the "Create PIN" button a lightbox will pop up and give you the PIN. This PIN will only last for 3 min before it will expire, but don't worry, if you run out of time you can just create another one.

And... you only need to do this the first time you connect your phone to your Market Leader system.



After a few seconds and some syncing, that we will take care of for you, your're ready to go!

Take advantage of these set up screens to learn what your app can do for you...


Allow Push Notifications! Yes, you want us to pop up a little icon when you have a new lead, you really do!

There you have it. You're all set. For more details check out our mobile support page here:


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