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During your account setup process, one of the steps you had to complete was connecting your local MLS to your Market Leader system. Once your MLS is approved, you can then add your personal Agent MLS ID to your account as well as your Office MLS ID. You must have permission from the designated broker in your office in order to add your Office MLS ID.

When you add your Office MLS ID, any active listing associated with that ID will be displayed and rotate on the Featured Listings section of your website. You will also be able to create Listing Enabled marketing designs for any active office listing.

On this page you’ll learn how to:

Add Your Office MLS ID

To add your Office MLS ID, start by selecting My Account from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

Select MLS Administration from the list on the left.

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On the MLS Administration page, locate the MLS you want to add an office ID for. To add an office ID, the MLS status must say Approved.

In the Actions column click the Edit icon.

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An Edit Listing Office ID window will open. Enter your office MLS ID in the Listing Office ID field and click Save.

If you want to add a second office MLS ID, click Add Listing Office ID and enter the second office MLS ID in the field that appears. Click Save when finished.

You can add up to two Office MLS ID’s in your system.

You’ll also see the office ID you added listed on your MLS Administration page.

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Edit Your Office MLS ID

To edit or delete your Office MLS ID, from the MLS Administration page, locate the MLS that you want to update and click the Edit  icon in the Actions column.

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To edit the Office MLS ID, you can just double-click in the Listing Office ID field to select the listed ID. Then, enter the new Office MLS ID in the space.

To delete the Office MLS ID entirely, click the Delete icon. Click Save when you are finished making changes.

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Adding your office MLS ID allows you to feature your office listings on your website, manage listings, and listing enabled designs.