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CENTURY 21 Business Builder®

My Account Settings

Customizing Your Account Settings

Customizing your personal account settings is an important step in making sure your emails and marketing materials all have your correct contact information.

You can find your Account Settings by selecting My Account from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

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Profile Information

Your profile consists of two sections that you’ll want to review:

  • Profile Details
  • Marketing
  • Images

To edit your Profile information, scroll down and click the Edit button at the top of the page.

Profile Details

To start with, you’ll want to review your Profile Details. Your profile details will be displayed on almost everything your customer sees, including emails and marketing materials.  So it’s very important you make sure all of your information in your profile is exactly the way you want it.  

(info) Note: If there is any profile information that is incorrect, it will need to be updated in CREST EDGSM. Updating or changing any fields on this page will not feedback to CREST.

  • Name: Your full name as you want it to appear on your emails, marketing materials and campaign pieces.
  • Designations: Any real estate designations that you are qualified to use
  • CRM Email: This is the email address that is used to communicate with your consumers. This cannot be edited.
  • External Email: This needs to be a non-Century21 email, such as a Gmail or Yahoo! email address.
  • Title: Your title as an agent (i.e. Broker, Listing Specialist, etc)
  • License/DRE: Your license number
  • Phone Number: Your office and/or mobile number that your contacts can reach you at.


The information that you add or edit in Marketing will automatically be loaded onto any marketing pieces you create in your Marketing Center.

  • Marketing Email: Allows you to select either your C21 email address or your external email address to be printed on your marketing materials.
    (info) Note: We recommend keeping this set to your C21 email address so that any email you receive in response to a marketing piece will be tracked through your C21 Business Builder system.
  • Call to Action: A phrase, like “Call me today!” that invites your customers to respond. Will be integrated into pieces like postcards and listing flyers.
  • Tag Line: Enter your tag line.
  • Branded Disclaimer: Populates at the bottom of each marketing piece. This cannot be edited.
  • Unbranded Disclaimer: This section only populates on marketing-in-motion pieces. This cannot be edited.
  • Marketing Address: Confirm the address is correct, as it will be printed on all of your marketing pieces. 
  • Realtor and Equal Housing Logo: Click the appropriate check box to have the logos display on various marketing pieces

After you have completed your edits, click the Save button.


This is where you’ll upload your professional headshot photo and logo to be used on your emails and marketing materials.

Image Type:

  • Website Image: This spot is for a professional headshot photo of you if you have a HouseValues or JustListed subscription.
  • Marketing Image: This spot is for a professional photo of you that will appear on marketing materials created in your Marketing Center as well as on your Seller’s Market Report Email.  You can choose to have the same image as your Website Image, or you may select a different photo.
  • Marketing Logo: Your office or agency logo that will appear on your marketing materials. If you would like to change your logo, please log into CREST.

To add an image:

  1. Click the Edit button for that image.
  2. When you click Edit, you'll be able to review the requirements for the image you are uploading.
  3. Click Browse to find the image on your computer.
  4. Click Upload once an image has been selected.

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Use the Settings tool to review your profile, marketing settings, and uploading images for use in your Marketing Materials.