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Don’t recreate the wheel!  The Core Curriculum for Pro Success series shows you the basic strategies and best practices to ramp up your success quickly and easily.  Learn everything from how to customize your system to powerful strategies to build more relationships with new leads, stay in touch with your sphere, get more referrals and exceed your business goals for years and years to come.

Prerequisite Alert! The courses below are most useful after you have set up your website and understand the basics of navigating your Professional contact management system. If you haven’t set up your website and your system, complete the Getting Started Series.

Get to Know Pro

Want to make sure you’re getting the most from your new Pro system?

Attend this webinar and learn the top, most compelling tools to engage your new leads, and maximize your Pro system. We’ll dive step-by-step into the system, so you can learn everything from how to create effective email templates in your system, to powerful tools to build more relationships with new leads.

What we’ll cover:

  • A tour of your new Pro dashboard
  • Effective email strategies and best practices
  • Tools to quickly send listings to your contacts

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Buyer Lead Engagement: Best Practices

How do you turn a buyer lead into a client? Learn how successful agents effectively engage with buyer leads, using your Pro system tools.  You will learn:

  • The mindset of the Internet buyer
  • How to respond to new buyers with the Initial Contact Wizard
  • Keeping clients engaged with email templates, listing alerts, and campaigns

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    Download scripts and homework

Seller Lead Engagement: Best Practices

 How do you turn a seller lead into a seller client? Learn how to effectively use your seller tools to establish a relationship with potential sellers. You will learn:

  • The profile of today’s Internet seller
  • Following up using the Seller’s Market Reports and campaigns
  • How to engage and reconnect with your seller leads and past clients

   Seller Lead Conversion Plan

Master Your Marketing Center: Designs/Templates

How do you market yourself effectively, stay in touch with past clients, and get more referrals? Your Marketing Center designs offer a wealth of resources.  Learn how to:

  • Create property flyers and postcards,
  • Share your marketing materials with clients,
  • Order professional printing, and
  • Email marketing designs to clients and prospects.

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Master Your Marketing Center: Campaigns

How do you market yourself and your business effectively, stay in touch with past clients, and get more referrals? Your Marketing Center campaigns offer a wealth of resources. Learn how to:

  • Set up automated drip campaigns,
  • Add contacts to campaigns, and
  • Manage existing campaigns.

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The Pro success series is designed to show you how to use some of the most powerful features in your Market Leader Professional system.