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Page: Use Your Personal Domain to Get Set-up on Pro (Help)
<div id="wistia_zhoykcincm" class="wistia_embed" style="width:600px;height:450px;"><div itemprop="video" itemscope itemtype=""><meta itemprop="name" content="Use your doma…
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Page: View or Edit Your Website (Help)
View or Edit Your Website You can easily edit your website, or view your website to see your changes. To edit your website, click on the Website menu, then select Edit Site. You have a ton of customiz…
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Page: Website Setup Wizard (Help)
Website Setup Wizard You can use the Website Setup Wizard to quickly walk through the essential website customization steps. To access the Website Wizard, select Edit Site from the Website menu. Then …
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Page: Website Widgets (Help)
Website Widgets Widgets are prebuilt content blocks that you can add to your Home page and Custom pages to set yourself apart, showcase your expertise, and help consumers navigate your website. You ca…
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Page: Yahoo Email Changes (Help)
Yahoo! Email Changes Recent changes by Yahoo! causes emails to be rejected by most email providers if the emails weren’t actually sent by Yahoo’s email servers. How does this affect me? As an eEdge, P…
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Page: Your Website Visitor Registration Settings (Help)
You have the ability to adjust the number of properties your website visitors can view before they are required to register or login. It's important to note, changing this value only applies to non-pa…
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