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Page: Reap the Rewards of Farming - Class Notes
Added 04/03/2014 Reap the Rewards of Farming - Class Notes.pdfDiscover how farming can bring remarkable results to your real estate business. By following the insights presented in this live webinar, …
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Page: Turn Calls Into Clients-Class Notes
Added 09/04/2013 Turn_calls_into_clients_-_class_notes.pdfHere are the class notes from our Turn Calls into Clients with A.J. Ackerman webinar recording. Download PDF   Download PDF > More on this top…
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Page: Turn Contacts into Contracts - Class Notes
Added 06/11/2014 Turn Contacts into Contracts - Class Notes.pdfThese are the class notes for the webinar, "Turn Your Contacts into Contracts." In this class, we learn from our featured guest, Anita Al…
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