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You now have the ability to send one opt-in confirmation email to contacts who may have inadvertently marked one of your emails as SPAM.

This can include contacts who asked to receive emails from you but your emails have been incorrectly blocked by their email service, or your client has accidentally clicked the “This is SPAM button” on one of your emails. With the 'Opt-In Confirmation Email', you can give them another chance to receive your emails.

When a contact's email address indicates they no longer wish to receive your emails, you will see the envelope icon () next to their email address. From here, you can click the Send Verification Email to confirm if they wish to receive your emails.

You will only be able to send the Opt-in Email Confirmation to a contact one time. Once it's sent, the button will no longer appear below their email address, it will just indicate the date it was originally sent.

You can also click the Preview Verification Email link to preview and send the opt-in email.

(warning) Note: If you have already sent the Opt-In Confirmation email, you will no longer see a Send option in the email preview.

When a contact receives this email, it will include simple instructions for them to complete the process so they can receive your listing alert or marketing emails.


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