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Your Marketing Center now has a selection of templates and campaigns created using full HTML. There are many advantages to HTML optimized designs:

  • Consumers don’t need to have images enabled to see the text of the email
  • Increased deliverability for all emails to the consumers’ inboxes
  • Designs will look great in most smartphones and devices. The HTML adjusts the design based on device size/type
  • Both text and images can be hyperlinked

To create and send an HTML email, click the Marketing Center link under the Marketing section. To see only the email options, click on Email Marketing.

Now you will have two search filters automatically selected: HTML Optimized and Image Based. To view the HTML templates, uncheck the Image Based Box, and your results will automatically update.

Once you have only HTML Optimized Emails selected, you can browse and find your desired template.

Editing Your HTML Email

To customize your HTML email, click the Personalize button.

Main Toolbar

Once in the HTML editor, the Main Toolbar will always display these options:


Select Save at any time while editing your marketing design. It is a good idea to save often, to ensure that you don’t lose your changes. If you are saving a design for the first time, click save and name your design.

(warning) Note: If you are editing an existing design and want to create a different version and give your edited piece a new name, click save and change the name.


If you want to exit your design click Exit. If you have not saved, the system will prompt you to do so.


Undo or Redo

The Undo button allows you to quickly undo your recent changes.  The Redo button allows you to redo something you just undid.  Each button shows the number of steps that you can undo/redo. When you first start editing your design they will both show “0”.

As you make changes to your design, the number under the Undo button will go up. This is the number of changes you have made to your design, including images added or text you’ve entered.

(warning) Note: Each text character you enter or each time you move an element counts as one change.


The preview button allows you to preview your HTML email, and even send a preview to yourself or a contact.

Once you click the Preview button, you can see a desktop (computers, laptops, tablets) and mobile (smartphones) view to get an idea of how the email will look on certain devices.

For the mobile preview, you can also see a portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) preview, however you cannot change the way your contact will see the email. They are simply previews based on how their mobile device may automatically adjust the layout.

In Preview mode, you can also include Showcase Properties and Social Media Links in your preview email.

Then, to send the sample preview to yourself or contact(s), enter up to five email addresses in the space provided (separated with commas). Then click Send.

To exit the Preview Mode, click the Back to Edit button.

Editing Toolbar

You also have an editing toolbar to customize your HTML email. This editor allows you to add and format text, as well as add images, video, articles, and links.


Text & Articles

To edit the text on your HTML email design, simply add text to the area before the image, or click into the space where the text is and make your changes. The Text Editing Tools function just like in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. You’ll be able to change your font, text size, or even change the text color.

When you click the Article button, a list of available pre-loaded articles will become available. The articles are sorted into categories. Click on a category to expand it and see the articles for that category. You can then edit the text in the category to your liking.

Adding an Image

To add an image to your HTML email design, click the Add an Image button on the editing toolbar.

There are three ways to add images to your design:

  1. Select an image from your My Images. This is where you can find any images that you have uploaded to your Image Manager.

When you click on the image you want to use, the placeholder image will be replaced with the selected image.

  1. Select from available Stock Images. Click the Stock Images tab in the Image Libraries to choose from a selection of pre-loaded images. Click on a category to expand it.

Click on the image you want to use and the placeholder image will be replaced with the selected image.

  1. Click the Upload Image button to upload a new image from your computer.
      (warning) Note: New images that are uploaded will be saved in your Image Manager for future use.

When you Upload Image, a window will open instructing you to either drag and drop files, or select files from your computer. The placeholder image will be replaced with your selected image.

(warning) Note: When adding images, there is no ability to crop, resize, or rotate an image in the HTML editing toolbar, so make sure your desired image is already cropped and sized how you want it.

Adding Video

Adding a video link to your design is another great way to encourage your contacts to interact with your email marketing designs.

To add a link to a video, click the Video Button. 

You will be prompted to paste the URL, or website address, of the video that you want to link in your design. Make sure you copy and paste the full address from your browser bar. Once entered, click Submit.

Sending Your HTML Email

When you are ready to send your HTML email, click the Compose Email button. Click here to learn how to add contacts to your HTML email.