Bryan-College Station

This page tells you the steps necessary to get this MLS approved and the IDX feed on your website.


Download and complete the following forms.

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Please send completed forms to Market Leader. You can send forms by fax or email. Use the fax and email information in the MLS Administration view of your website Admin interface.

This MLS might bill you directly for accessing its feed. If so, this MLS notifies Market Leader to disable its feed for agents whose accounts are not current.

The following table summarizes basic information for this MLS.

Alternate Names


State List


Wait Time

Within 2 weeks

Steps to Get MLS IDX Approval

This MLS grants IDX approval to an individual agent for a single website. For this MLS, Market Leader enables an agent to use the MLS feed after Market Leader validates all paperwork, per MLS requirements.

These instructions assume the following.

  • You logged into the Admin interface of your website.
  • You clicked Admin and MLS Administration.
  • You started an MLS application and selected this MLS.
  • Under Download Forms, you clicked Instructions for this MLS.

To request approval for this MLS feed, complete the following steps.

  1. Download the following form(s).
  2. Complete the form(s).
  3. Submit the form(s) to Market Leader via Fax or email as provided in the MLS Administration view.
  4. Wait an appropriate period of time as indicated by Wait Time in the previous table.
  5. Check MLS Administration for application status.

Rules and Restrictions

This MLS imposes the following rules and restrictions.

  • You must be an active member of this MLS.

(warning) This MLS audits the user list of its feed.

  • This MLS allows you to display listing addresses on your website.

Help and Support

For more information or if you experience difficulty with the MLS approval process, you can contact Market Leader by phone or email. You can use the phone and email contact information from the MLS Administration view of your website Admin interface.